Bebe Cheri Electric Bed with 100% natural rubber mattress

Product information


Features of electric bed

  • Bed with automatic cradle Help lull the baby. Can be used from birth up to a weight of no more than 7 kg.
  • Comes with high quality memory foam cushions.
  • Can be converted into an extra bed next to mother’s bed
  • Can adjust the swing level and set the time
  • It has a built-in lullaby and can be tethered to music from your phone via Bluetooth. ready to adjust the volume
  • The electric bed can be controlled by a Bluetooth remote control.
  • Safety, no worries about the baby falling from the bed. There is a lock to prevent the cradle from
  • swinging. and locks the wheels so they can’t be moved
  • Easy to move, easy to install
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