At Bebe Cheri

We aim to offer safe, comfortable, sleep-enhancing pillows and mattresses,that combine pure, natural latex rubber with organic cotton fabrics, specifically created for the differing needs of babies, toddlers and all the family. All our products are environmentally friendly, promoting healthy living in the home. Quality is at the forefront of our processes, from start to finish – from the raw materials through production, finishing, packing and delivery. We take nature’s finest ingredients to help you discover the perfect restful night’s sleep.

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Our Rubber Plantation

With warm temperatures, abundant rainfall and fertile
soils, Thailand is the perfect place to cultivate natural
rubber. Our privately owned plantation, with coveted ISO
9001- 2015 Quality Standard accreditation, has been
producing latex for the past 30 years and over that time
we have developed the knowledge and expertise to
ensure our raw material is of incomparable quality.
Managed by a team of highly experienced specialists, our
natural latex is now used in a wide range of rubber
products and is exported to regions worldwide including
Japan, China, Europe and South Africa. The rubber used
in producing the Bebe Cheri product range is guaranteed
anti-mite, anti-static, and free of chemicals and

Our Values


We strive for excellence throughout our raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes, distribution and customer relationships.

We believe wholeheartedly in transparency and honesty in all our business dealings, and always adhere to responsible business practices.

The Environment

We recognize that our staff and work force are at the core of our success and we provide safe working conditions and fully respect their human and labour rights.

We share the world’s concern over the future of our planet and we are committed to a policy of sustainability across our business, particularly in the use of natural raw materials sourced from ethical, environmentally friendly sources.มิตรกับสิ่งแวดล้อม

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